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Eco friendly chemical, enzyme, and bacterial products and solutions

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Developed about 60 years ago, chemicals and synthetic fertilizers have deteriorated soil quality to an alarming degree.  In the past farmers rely on natural methods to fertilize their crops and plant.

Enzymes for agricultural applications present a big advantage in fertilizing, enriching the soil and ensure its continued productivity.  It is evident from many studies that enzyme preparations are highly effective in crop production and also enhancing animal performance through enzyme-rich feeds.


Modern enzyme technology for the textile at industrial scale has been successfully used for decades.

The enzymes developed are purer, more stable, more efficient and able to withstand a wide range of conditions including higher temperatures. Enzymatic action for textiles can be applied in most stages of its production and range from de-sizing, bio-washing, bio-finishing, dyeing to name a few applications.


Most enzyme utilized breakdown large, water-insoluble matter into smaller, more water-soluble pieces. Subsequently, the smaller molecules are removed by the mechanical action of water through washing and surfactants or detergents.

After working on one spot, the enzymes do not lose its activity but continue on the next.  One of the benefits is that a very small quantity of these powerful bio-digesters can do more than very large quantity of synthetic chemicals.


Green chemicals South Africa, at the forefront of international technologies.

Afrizymes eco friendly bacteria, enzyme and microbe bio chemical technology is based on biology and involves the use of living micro organisms to make eco friendly products. Living micro organisms grow and produce enzymes, its derivatives and other related matter for use in various industries. These bio products have a wide range of applications including medicine, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, food, fertilizer, aquaculture, textile, brewing, tanning, pulp and paper, environmental and waste water treatment, oil spill cleaning and even household and institutional maintenance. Bio enzyme and bacterial microbe technology draw on biological sciences including genetics, microbiology, animal cell culture, molecular biology, bio-chemistry, embryology, cell biology, ecology and often involves eco friendly chemical engineering, and bio-engineering.