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Permazyme has been used in virtually every type of climate ranging from the Arctic Circle to the southern regions of Africa, to the rain forest climates of South America and the Hawaiian Islands.All of these countries, including Canada and the United States, depend upon Permazyme to increase the value of infrastructure funds to maintain road surfaces including dirt and gravel, chip seal and paved roads.

Permazyme creates road bases that provide for all weather travel, reduces ongoing maintenance requirements and increases longevity.


Bacteria and Enzyme Soil Cleaning and Remediating Agent for all Hydrocarbon, Oil, Petrol, and Diesel Spills in South Africa

The most cost effective way to clean up all hydrocarbon spills with this potent and natural eco-friendly microbe, bateria and enzyme hydrocarbon soil remediating agent for all oil, diesel, petrol, fuel and hydrocarbon associated spills.


The World’s Premier Enzyme Soil Stabilization Product and Road Base Stabilizer Product

Afrizymes is extremely proud to announce its appointment as the sole distributor for Pacific Enzymes and the incredible performing Permazyme soil stabilizing product in South Africa. The study of enzymes and how they can be used in the process of enzyme soil stabilization began in the early 1960’s. Pacific Enzymes and their affiliates right from the beginning have been involved in the research and development of world class soil stabilization products. Numerous university laboratory and field studies have been performed over the years resulting in the development of Permazyme for soil stabilization. Permazyme is a multi-enzyme formula that is engineered to bind clay molecules together. This process actually creates a permanent biochemical change in the clay soil that has the look, feel and density of shale. This is an all-natural product that is friendly to the environment and will improve many soil compositions.