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Eco friendly chemical, enzyme, and bacterial products and solutions

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Bacterial and Enzyme Grease and Fat Trap Treatment in South Africa

Afrizymes eco friendly bacteria, enzyme and microbe bio chemical technology is based on biology and involves the use of living micro organisms to make eco friendly products. Living micro organisms grow and produce enzymes, its derivatives and other related matter for use in various industries. These bio products have a wide range of applications including medicine, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, food, fertilizer, aquaculture, textile, brewing, tanning, pulp and paper, environmental and waste water treatment, oil spill cleaning and even household and institutional maintenance. Bio enzyme and bacterial microbe technology draw on biological sciences including genetics, microbiology, animal cell culture, molecular biology, bio-chemistry, embryology, cell biology, ecology and often involves eco friendly chemical engineering, and bio-engineering.

 Bacterial and enzyme drain line and grease trap cleaners will incrementally break down organic build up in restaurant kitchen drain lines, grease trap systems and odor control in an environmentally sound manner in all restaurants kitchen drain lines and grease traps including hotels, resorts, spa, club house, hospitals, food complexes, department store food plaza, airports, fast food, ice cream, bakeries, donuts, and all restaurant kitchen drain lines and grease traps systems. Bacterial and enzyme drain line and grease trap cleaners contain powerful waste digesting enzymes, essential nutrients and selected strains of enzymes producing bacteria. The enzyme complex acts to break down the organic material into water-soluble nutrients. The selected bacteria digest the released nutrients, multiply and produce more enzymes to continue cleaning the entire restaurant drain lines and grease trap systems under aerobic and anaerobic conditions. Bacterial and enzyme contains powerful waste digesting enzymes, essential nutrients and specifically selected strains of enzymes producing bacteria to degrade all the principle organic constituents normally found in drain line and grease trap systems.

Biological, bacterial and enzyme treatment is a simple, effective and economical way of dissolving fats, oils and grease within the grease trap and plumbing system leading to and from the grease trap. Fats, oils and grease will over time breakdown naturally, but in a busy kitchen environment grease traps aren’t given adequate time for this process to occur, therefore allowing grease to accumulate. With weekly or daily application of Biological, bacterial and enzyme treatment, the beneficial bacteria used in this product degrade the grease preventing blockages, reducing offensive odours, eliminating drain files and reducing the amount of waste in the grease trap. With no harsh or hazardous ingredients, Biological, bacterial and enzyme treatment can be used on all types of grease traps and plumbing.


• Reduces offensive odor in drain line and grease traps environment.

• Liquefies organic build-up in slow running drain line.

• Prevents drain and sewer line blockage.

• Ensures free flowing drain line.

• Reduces grease trap pumping-out.

• Restores natural beneficial bacteria in drain line and grease traps.

• Extremely economical to use.

• Accelerates and speed up the liquefying process.

• No residue, environmental friendly and safer to use than harsh chemicals.

Incredibly cost effective, low pricing for locally manufactured enzymatic, biological and bacterial grease trap and fat trap waste digesters in South Africa.